Our Coffee

MORELLI stays loyal to the best traditions and in the same time it is one of the most dinamical and innovatory producers. The quality of our coffee mixture is the result of a careful selection of the best raw materials offered to the market and a unique production process. Roasting is the most delicate moment in the process of producing good coffee since the taste concentration and the grain scent depend on the precise stage of roasting. And at this stage we still work in the traditional way. The coffee sorts are roasted separately to ensure the precise stage of roasting of the different kinds of coffee beans and after that they mix together. In contrast to the most big coffee roasters using the modern industrial method called ‘’turbo’’, i. e. the series of roatring 5-6 min. in high temperature, MORELLI uses the traditional system of roasting called ‘’slow’’ – series with duration of 18-22 min. in lower temperature. This slow process allows the fully display of the roasted coffee scent and this explains the typical taste and intensive flavour of COFFE MORELLI. For us the time makes no difference, the quality is important. With every series of roasting the new consignment is tested personally by hand including  the colour grade and the degustation. As a final stage of our producing samples of the roasted coffee are sent to an external laboratory for oddments control and microbiological analysis. When a company sets ambitious aims each detail has a decisive meaning for their achievement. We follow ours during all our history till today.