Chocolates and milkshakes

Premium chocolate drinks

Hot chocolate

The unique line of hot chocolate drinks made of us to combine innovation and Italian tradition. The contents of pure cocoa reminds of real chocolate taste. A wonderful cream drink with impregnated scent and new balanced composition of the best sorts South American cocoa and natural scents. The totaly limited composition is a precondition for something really outlined of any other similar products in the market. This is one real cup of thick, tasty and aromatic hot chocolate, which could overcome everyone dares to taste it. Temptation for every gourmet lover.

Cold chocolate

Chocolate with traditions which gives you one really unique experience for senses. Suitable for each season, could be served with ice, that makes it irreplaceable pleasure during the hot months. If you are a brown temptation lover and you are under its power, try all flavour combinations skilfully created by our masters. Touch the original flavour of South American cocoa, made on special old recipes we keep. We guarantee the use of natural ingredients only to produce this product and we hope you really delight it. When you take a sip of it and feel its delicacy, when you taste it and feel its scent, when you indulge in its supreme delight you will find the chocolate paradise called MORELLI.


This is a product of the latest generation which became possible due to the latest achievements of the food processing indusrty technologies. Following our own rules to create 100 % natural products only it became possible to develop our milk fruit shakes containing natural fruit powder without artificial admixture. Thus we achieved the perfect flavour harmony between natural fruit and real milk. One drink satisfying every our exquisite customer year-round. Prepared traditionally or with ice for the hot days MORELLI MILK SHAKE – FRAPPE is something really exclusive. The pleasure is guaranteed!